Identifying Factors to Dark Circles

You may be bothered of dark circles that make you look like a raccoon in front of the mirror. Say “goodbye” to the dark pigmentation under your eyes. Just like grey hair they can make you look older and may appear once in a while. There are many factors to this such as stress, illness and allergies.

However, there are things that can be done to decrease the appearance of raccoon attack (dark circles) or totally eliminate them.


Get enough sleep. Beauty rest is very important in getting rid of this skin problem. It is not clear how sleeplessness can darken these circles. It may be because the skin may look paler when you lack rest or sleep. Sleeplessness does not only cause you to have dark circles but other signs of aging as well such as wrinkles.

Getting at least 8 hours of beauty rest every night will lessen your chances of having the said pigmentation. Shun alcohol since it may affect your sleeping pattern. It may shorten sleep periods and increase wakefulness.


Getting adequate nutrition can help you have a good night sleep. You may have noticed that when you have tired eyes due to lack of sleep, they become more evident because of dark circles. Vitamins are important in adrenal function which controls sleep patterns. The less Vitamin B6 that your body absorbs, the poorer your adrenals function.

Enough doses of vitamins from food and your multivitamin capsule plus calcium and magnesium support, you can have long periods of rest. Having a relaxed body and mind can help you get enough sleep.

Eat Healthy

Eating a variety of healthy foods can help you get loads of vitamins and minerals necessary to preventing dark circles and even puffiness. Vitamin K and antioxidants are essential nutrients you need to treat the pigmentation under your eyes and get rid of the raccoon look. Also, vitamin B12 which is linked to the development of anemia may result to dark circles.

Eat lots of fruits, veggies, spinach, cabbage and the leafy ones. Drinking plenty of water can also hydrate your body and improve your circulation. Eating healthy may reduce your chances of developing dark pigmentations around the eyes.

Limit Salt

Taking salty foods may cause the skin under your eyes to swell. Wherever salt is water follows. You may retain fluids and impair the flow of blood to your vessels causing them to turn bluish and or darker. Salt can predispose you to having a raccoon attack.

Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes may cause circulatory problems. They are hazardous to health and may make you look older than your age by giving you the dark circles. They make your veins appear darker and bluer which is visible on your skin. You may have noticed that smokers usually have dark circles that make them look older.

Dark circles under eyes caused by factors such as poor nutrition, stress and lack of sleep are highly preventable. Lifestyle modification is vital to maintain the fresh look free from the pigmentation around your eyes.

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